It looks like many of us will be road tripping this summer, as over 75% of Americans plan to hit the road before Labor Day weekend. This is almost a 20% increase from 2023, and many of us haven't planned one but two road trips. Here's another thing, almost half of us will be traveling 5 hours or more to reach our vacation spot.

Gas Prices Putting a Crimp on Travel Plans

What's remarkable about this is that so many of us are planning long road trips while the price of gas continues to rise. The price of gas is making everything more expensive and taking more money out of our pockets.

Consumer Energy Alliance to the Rescue

To help, the Consumer Energy Alliance came out with a report called, "Fueling America: High Fuel Costs Put the Brakes on Family Budgets." This takes a look at how American families and small businesses are feeling about the rise of fuel prices. After all, rising prices affect everything including food and services.

The Ripple Effect of Rising Fuel Prices

Since 2021, Americans have been feeling the squeeze on our family budgets. We feel the direct impact of rising gasoline and diesel prices, and this causes a ripple effect. This includes the price of eggs, bread, milk, and clothes. It's a fact,  when gas prices rise, so does EVERYTHING else.

Gasoline Prices in New York

Want to know how gas prices are hitting New Yorkers? The national average is around $3.50, but the Empire State is a bit higher with at average of $3.62 per gallon. In Broome County, the numbers look a little bit better at $3.60 per gallon, but Delaware and Otsego Counties are feeling it more, with prices around $3.71 per gallon.

Prices may be up but that's not stopping New Yorkers from enjoying some much-needed downtime. After all, money can be replaced, time can't.

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