If you're searching for an enjoyable and entertaining activity to keep your children occupied this summer, consider Midway Lanes Family Entertainment Complex in Vestal. They're providing an excellent opportunity for kids to participate in free bowling sessions every Thursday afternoon.

A Partnership for Fun

In partnership with the Vestal Police Department, Midway Lanes is coordinating a complimentary bowling program that includes two games of bowling and shoe rental for kids. This program will run until August 29th, except for August 15th. Children can lace up their bowling shoes and hit the lanes from noon to 5 pm on Thursdays to take advantage of this fun-filled activity.

Stay Active and Socialize

Bowling serves not only as a source of amusement but also as a means for kids to stay active and socialize during the summer. By collaborating with the Vestal Police Department, Midway Lanes is not only offering entertainment but also fostering positive community relationships.

An Opportunity for Family-Friendly Fun

Whether your child is a seasoned bowler or looking to try something new, Midway Lanes' free bowling program offers a perfect opportunity for family-friendly fun. Parents can unwind and root for their young bowlers as they aim for strikes and spares in an inviting and secure environment.

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Create Lasting Memories

Don't let this incredible opportunity pass you by – it's a great way to engage and energize your kids during the summer with a memorable experience that will create fun summer memories for your family.

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