Be still my Frank Lloyd Wright architecture-loving heart, there is a stunning house in Greene that was inspired by the famous designer and is everything a person could dream it to be and more.

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Experts say we inherit various things from our ancestors. Our eyes from our parents, our love of music from our grandparents. In my case, I like to think that I've drawn my love of architecture and design from a long-gone distant cousin- Jens Risom.

I wish I could have met my cousin Jens, the king of mid-century modern design who was credited with introducing Danish modern furniture to the United States because he and I share very similar tastes.  Jens would have fallen in love with the bones of the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired house in Greene as much as I have.

Frank Lloyd Wright was famous for his architectural structure design. Considered one of the greatest pioneers in architecture of the 20th century, Wright designed many famous structures, including Fallingwater located about 70 miles outside of Pittsburg. You've surely seen the photos of the house which was constructed on top of a gushing waterfall.

Frank Lloyd Wrights Fallingwater House
This Frank Lloyd Wright house sits atop a waterfall.  Photo: Fallingwater via Facebook

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Chenango County, there is a must-see architectural gem that blends nature and design seamlessly much like the Fallingwater house. This Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home is located at 21 Chipmunk Lane in Greene and gives a glimpse into the visionary world of one of America's most prolific architects.

At the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home in Greene, visitors are greeted by a sprawling 24-acre property surrounded by picturesque walking paths and breathtaking landscapes.

According to, the inspiration behind this home can be traced back to the previous owner, George Raymond, a prominent businessman and owner of Raymond Forklifts. Raymond played a significant role in the engineering and design process and the home's Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired architectural style pays homage to architect's principles of harmony with nature, open spaces, and organic materials.

Inside the house are remarkable built-in storage solutions and secret compartments making efficient use of every available space. These hidden features not only add a touch of intrigue but also contribute to the home's functionality and practicality.

This Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Home in Upstate New York Is Simply Outstanding

One of the defining features of this Wright-inspired home is the floor-to-ceiling windows that illuminate the interiors with natural light. These windows offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes and serve as perfect vantage points to witness the beauty of sunrise and sunset.

The downstairs recreation room is the perfect spot to unwind. Complete with a cozy fireplace, a pool table, and a built-in wine fridge, this space offers the perfect setting for relaxation and hosting guests and it can be all yours for $850,000.

21 Chipmunk Lane in Greene is listed for sale with Jacqueline Jones of Finger Lakes Realty Partners and has been on the market for just 16 days. Boasting three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 4,294 square feet, and an architectural design that brings nature indoors, this property should not sit on the market for too long. So, if you'd like to take a look inside, now is the time to do it before someone scoops up this gem!

Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Home in Upstate New York Is Outstanding

Experience the perfect harmony of nature and architecture at this Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home in Greene, NY. Stunning views, open spaces, and a recreation room make this a perfect spot for hosting guests.

Gallery Credit: Traci Taylor

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