Despite clouds that covered the eclipse in much of New York and Pennsylvania, people still came together to witness this extraordinary event as the moon cast its shadow upon the Earth during the solar eclipse of 2024.

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Equipped with cameras and smartphones, people searched for the best vantage point to capture and share their experience with others.

Even under cloudy skies, people stopped to take in their surroundings, eagerly awaiting the moment when the moon would pass between the sun and Earth. As the moon gradually blocked the sun, briefly turning day into twilight and even night in some areas, those lucky enough to witness this phenomenal event were in for a captivating treat.

Aside from most of the region seeing a mostly cloudy sky, the solar eclipse brought the people together. Neighbors gathered on rooftops, friends set out on road trips to prime viewing locations, and families shared blankets in open fields; all united in an attempt to catch a glimpse and celebrate the marvels of our universe.

Although the solar eclipse lasted just a few minutes, the moments and photographs captured during this event will remain timeless reminders of our shared experience.

New Yorkers Share Photos of Solar Eclipse

Take a look at these photos that captured the experience we shared through the 2024 solar eclipse in New York and Northeast Pennsylvania!

Gallery Credit: Traci Taylor

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