Have you ever wanted to step into a magical realm and be surrounded by the wonder of nature? Look no further than the Dover Stone Church Preserve in Dover Plains.

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Dover Plains is a hamlet in Dutchess County and in it, Dover Stone Church Preserve hides a hidden gem that captivates both outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

The centerpiece of the Dover Stone Church Preserve is a natural rock formation, which resembles a church made of limestone and marble. Over thousands of years, the flowing water has sculpted the rocks into a unique cave-like structure that will mesmerize you.

Dover Stone Church via Facebook
Dover Stone Church via Facebook

As you begin your journey to the Dover Stone Church, you'll find yourself in the middle of a 174-acre public preserve with picturesque landscapes, serene woodlands, and meandering trails. The preserve is a sanctuary of natural beauty.

The hike to the Dover Stone Church is relatively short. Accessible via a staircase, the trail leads you through lush greenery where you are surrounded by the sounds of chirping birds. The hike is a moderately challenging one but perfect for both beginners and experienced hikers.

As you approach the Dover Stone Church itself, prepare to be awestruck. A walk inside leads to the discovery of an enveloping cool, damp atmosphere in which you can marvel at formations created by nature, each one a testament to the immense power of water over time.

Dover Stone Church via Facebook
Dover Stone Church via Facebook

In addition to the remarkable stone formation, Dover Stone Church Preserve also offers over four miles of scenic trails as well as spots along the trails where you can sit and listen to the babbling streams while surrounded by nature.

If you’ve been looking for an enchanting place to seek out adventure and be at one with nature, Dover Stone Church Preserve would be it.

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