Pizza, the comfort food of America, has a special place in our hearts, not to mention our stomachs too. We all have our favorites from national pizza chains to local pizzerias. But we also have ones that we avoid if possible.

According to a recent survey, one national pizza chain has been named the worst in America and it has a location here in Broome County. Uh-Oh! published a list of the absolute worst pizza chains that you should steer clear of at all costs.

To make their list, the website went through pizza reviews on five prominent food blogs and websites. They wanted to find out which national pizza chain should get the title of the worst in the business.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the pizza chain that has been named the very worst in the entire United States of America is none other than Chuck E. Cheese.

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Kids love Chuck E. Cheese but their pizza isn't drawing rave reviews from pizza lovers. So why are they the unfortunate titleholder of America's worst pizza chain? According to food bloggers and surveys asked by, the most common complaint revolves around the cheese itself. Some people thought it was "artificial tasting," and not meeting their expectations.

There aren't as many Chuck E. Cheese locations in New York as there used to be but there are 20 locations still in the Empire State. Chuck E. Cheese is still a popular place for children's parties and arcade games, but apparently their pizza is leaving a little to be desired for the adult customers.

While Chuck E. Cheese takes the top prize as the "worst" in the United States, other national brands also made the list. They include Domino's, Papa Murphy's, Little Caesars, and CiCi's. To each their own, I say.

Even though Chuck E. Cheese's pizza may not hit the mark, the memories I have with my children there, more than make up for it. I'll always remember watching them win tickets to exchange for prizes and the animatronics that would capture our attention. Thank you Chuck E. Cheese for those moments that will last forever.

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