I live in Chenango Bridge and I travel I-88 all the time. When I go between Exit 2 (Chenango Bridge) and Exit 3 (Port Crane), I'm amazed at how many boats I see in the Chenango River.

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It's a calm and open stretch of water with very few accidents over the years. Usually when there is trouble, its because of darkness or the weather. I don't usually hear about tree trouble in the river but that's not the case in Bradford County.

Potential Dangerous Boating Condition In Bradford County

Over the past two weekends, officials with the Bradford County Department Of Public Safety say a collection of downed trees (strainers) have made for dangerous conditions in the Towanda branch of the Susquehanna River. It's near the railroad bridge at the southern end of the island in the area.

The strainers are near a blind corner and high velocity water flow is going through a narrow opening and into the debris field. Because of this, several people have gotten caught in the trees.

Before and After Bradford County
Photo: Bradford County Department Of Public Safety

The North Towanda Fire & Rescue Department have been cutting the trees out of the channel and fortunately, everyone has made it without drowning or any real injuries. The area isn't completely clear of trees but it's better than it was.

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If you are boating in the area, you're encouraged to avoid it by going down the right side of the river (River RIGHT) under the railroad bridge. If you travel left of the island down the river, you should get as far downstream of the island before crossing the main stem.

Photo: Bradford County Department of Public Safety via Facebook

No one wants to have a fun day floating on the river turn into a trip with an unhappy ending. So no matter where you are boating, you should keep these things in mind.

Boating On The River Safety Tips

You should always wear a life jacket, even if you think that the water is too low to drown in. Know your limitations and have a float plan in place so that you know before you go. These simple steps could prevent serious injury or death.

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