As Veterans Day approaches, one Southern Tier man is heading up a remarkable show of gratitude and support for the brave men and women who have selflessly served our nation.

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On Saturday, November 11, Anthony Pedro of Binghamton along with a group of his brother veterans, local and state law enforcement, and friends will set off on a 12-mile fundraiser walk through the Twin Tiers, in an effort to pay tribute to our heroes and support the Southern Tier Veterans Support Group. This event goes beyond a mere walk; it's an expression of heartfelt appreciation, a chance to make a difference and support our local veterans.

Anthony Pedro's Military Story

Anthony Pedro, a Binghamton resident joined the United States Army following graduation from Maine Endwell High School. Pedro would go on to serve two tours in Afghanistan. Pedro was an expert sniper and taught sniper school in the Army. On this 21st birthday, he lost seven of his battle buddies. Pedro was medically discharged from the Army after serving over ten years.

A Journey of Gratitude

On Veterans Day, Pedro and his group will lace up their boots, load their packs with weight, and embark on a meaningful 12-mile journey. As they walk, they will be carrying the weight of their deep appreciation for those who have served, fostering a sense of unity and purpose.

Supporting the Southern Tier Veterans Support Group

The primary aim of this walk is to raise funds to directly benefit the Southern Tier Veterans Support Group, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of veterans in our local community. The proceeds will be instrumental in their mission, which includes providing education support, job-seeking assistance, and vital financial aid to veterans in need. By supporting this walk, you will help empower and uplift our local veterans who have given so much to our nation.

Make a Difference: Donate Today

If you would like to support Pedro and his team, you can make a significant impact by contributing to their fundraising efforts. Every dollar donated will go directly to the Southern Tier Veterans Support Group, ensuring that veterans in our community receive the support they deserve. Donations can be made on the STVSG website here.

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