In what is being called a bid to bridge the digital divide and embrace the concept of Smart Cities, sources report that Cornell University researchers recently presented their vision to municipal officials and practitioners in Binghamton.

Sources claim that with the power of the "Internet of Things" (IoT), researchers hope to lay the foundation for a technologically advanced and interconnected city.

The Internet of Things refers to the intercommunication between devices, allowing them to share data and perform tasks autonomously. One practical example provided by the researchers was an app that could inform drivers about the availability of parking spaces in real-time. By leveraging IoT technology, Binghamton residents and visitors would have enhanced convenience and efficiency in their daily lives.

Principal Investigator Max Zhang expressed his optimism about deploying this initiative in Binghamton and its potential impact on the wider Southern Tier region. The city's status as a regional hub makes it an ideal testing ground for smart city innovations. The researchers hope their efforts will eventually extend to benefit other parts of New York State.

Sarah Glose, Director of Economic Development for Binghamton, emphasized the importance of using IoT technology for stormwater management. By implementing IoT sensors, the system could provide real-time data on overwhelmed drains and flood-prone areas, enabling timely interventions and infrastructure improvements. This proactive approach to addressing weather-related issues showcases the potential of IoT in ensuring the safety and well-being of residents.

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Glose also highlighted the versatility of IoT technology, mentioning the possibility of smart trash cans that can automatically alert the Department of Public Works when they require emptying. The end goal is to ensure that this technology is utilized in creative and impactful ways that benefit both city employees and citizens.

Those involved in this initiative, if it can get off the ground, say it represents a significant step forward for the region, potentially positioning Binghamton as a model for other cities interested in embracing the potential of a smart infrastructure.

While the exact costs of implementing a smart city infrastructure in Binghamton have not yet been determined, Glose indicated to WBNG that the city is exploring federal funding options and unused grants to support the project.

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