The weather sure can throw us some curveballs. especially when it comes to spring snowstorms.

From blizzards that cover the entire region with snow and snowstorm surprises, let's take a look at some of the major spring snowstorms that left their mark on New York.

The Blizzard of 1888 (March 11-14, 1888)

This storm is known as the blizzard that all other blizzards are measured by. It started as light snow on a Sunday afternoon but quickly turned into a springtime winter wonderland. By Monday morning, there were 18 inches of snow on the ground. By the time it it was done, it reached a total of 46.7 inches with even higher drifts.

May 10, 1945

Winter storms aren't just for the winter. This May snowstorm had a total of 5.4 inches of snow and became the largest May snowstorm to date. Power outages were everywhere and left drivers stranded and had to be rescued by snowplows.

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April 6-7, 1982

April showers? More like April snow showers! This April snowstorm brought heavy snow and high winds but also some thunderstorm activity. Albany got 17.7 inches of snow, making it the biggest April snowstorm on record for the city.

May 18, 2002 - Snowstorm

Just when you thought winter was gone, the weather had other plans. A low-pressure system brought cold air from the north, turning the rain into a wet and heavy snow. Some areas saw significant snowfall, with some up to 8 inches in some areas..

The weight of the snow caused tree and wires to come crashing down, with power outages in the Catskills. Even in May, we should always expect the unexpected.

Superstorm of 1993 (March 13-14, 1993)

They called it a superstorm for a reason. This storm impacted the entire eastern third of the U.S. with severe weather, flooding, and blizzards. Intense low pressure moved along the east coast, with the storm dropping a record-breaking amount of snow.

Some areas had up to 40 inches, with snow falling at a rate of 5-6 inches per hour. Strong winds made travel almost impossible. This storm left a lasting impression for me because I had to postpone my trip to Nashville.

April 3-5, 2003 - Snow and Sleet Storm

Spring isn't always sunshine and flowers, especially when winter throws one last tantrum. This storm had snow, sleet, and freezing rain, with ice and up to 18 inches of snow. The ice and snow caused tree damage and power outages that lasted for days.

March 14, 2017: Nor'easter / Pi Day Blizzard

Who says a blizzard can't be festive? This storm on Pi Day made winter storms more than just a snow day. Snowfall from 1 to 3 feet, with some areas getting 36 to 42 inches of snow. A state of emergency was declared, and travel bans were put in place making it a blizzard for the books.

These major spring snowstorms are just some examples of the weather’s way to surprise us. Whether it's winter, spring, or any other time of year, it's wise to keep an eye on the forecast and be prepared for whatever weather may come our way!

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