Located in the Catskill Park of Ulster County, the Ashokan Reservoir is one of the largest bodies of water in New York State!

Built in the early 20th century, the Ashokan Reservoir stretches for miles and has a storage capacity of an astounding 122.9 billion gallons, providing water to almost a million residents of the New York City area.

The creation of the Ashokan Reservoir was one that required the expertise and help of thousands of workers. Construction began in 1907 and continued for several years, displacing many residents in the area of the area as they were forced to leave their homes to make way for the massive body of water.

Tyler Barringer via Unsplash
Tyler Barringer via Unsplash

With a surface area of approximately 8,300 acres, the Ashokan Reservoir is a massive body of water. It has a length of approximately 12.5 miles and a maximum depth of 190 feet.

However, it's not just the size of the reservoir that is impressive; it's also the amount of water that it can hold. As mentioned, the Ashokan Reservoir has a total storage capacity of more than 122.9 billion gallons.

While the Ashokan Reservoir is mainly a source of freshwater for many communities in the New York City area, it's also open for recreation and public access. There are some very specific rules and regulations in place regarding the use of the reservoir though. The reservoir is heavily monitored to ensure that it isn't contaminated, and visitors need to follow specific guidelines and rules to enjoy the water safely.

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