Communicating effectively is a big thing and a simple phrase can be so supportive for others. Whether it's an encouraging word or a supportive phrase, it can make all the difference.

With that being said, there are some phrases that New Yorkers are tired of hearing. In a survey by Preply, people were asked about supportive phrases and to share the ones they like to hear and the ones they don't.

Phrases That We Are Tired Of Hearing!

Your friends and family are begging us to stop saying "You're stronger than you think" when showing them your support. In fact, the saying "You're stronger than you think" is the most annoying phrase out there.

The other phrases people are sick of hearing are "You're not defined by this moment," and "You're a fighter." So, it's time to retire these expressions and come up with something new...unless you want to keep annoying your friends and family.

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Even though these clichés can get on people's nerves, 42% of Americans still use these words of support with others. It shows that we want to be there for each other but the survey found that 60% of Americans have felt that these words of support have become cliché and insincere. Yikes!The survey also shows that over 60% of people that share these words of support more on social media platforms than in real life. That makes them wonder how real the support shown online really is compared to saying it to them face-to-face. Time to put down the phone and have a face-to face or heart-to-heart chat in person.

When it comes to the best words of support to hear, New Yorkers really like hearing "I love you," "I appreciate everything you do," and "I'm proud of you." These words of appreciation can mean the world to the ones we care about.

In the work world, New Yorkers appreciate words of encouragement like "Great job," "You're doing a fantastic job," and "Keep up the good work." These phrases show appreciation and recognition of a job well done.

These insights from the Preply survey, reminds us that our words matter, and clichés can be a major turnoff. So get real and let them know in person.

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