If you haven't heard the exciting news, then where have you been. The Binghamton On Tap Craft Beer Festival is back and at a bigger location...the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena.

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It's happening on Saturday, March 25th with a VIP Tasting Session beginning at 5 p.m. and a General Tasting Session at 6 p.m. Don't delay because prices will only go up, so get your tickets now and don't miss out on this fantastic event.

It's your chance to try different craft beers and hard ciders and decide which ones taste the best to you. You and your friends can raise a glass while enjoying some great times together. Which craft beer is your favorite?

Cheers to beer but there are other things that you can do with a cold brew, we'll start with an familiar one.

Alternative Uses For Beer

Shampoo Your Hair

Did a friend give you some beer that you don't really like? Of course, we all have, don't throw it out, put it in your hair. WHAT! It's not as crazy as it may sound. Do you remember when beer shampoo was the rage? here's your chance to bring back that craze.

Get out a saucepan and turn on the stovetop on medium. Put a cup of the beer you don't like and boil it. This will get rid of the alcohol that can dry your hair out. Let the beer cool and mix it with a cup of shampoo.

Pour it into an empty shampoo bottle, then wash and rinse. I wouldn't brag about this to your friend, you'll offend him and sound cheap. Good luck and let us know how that works out for you

Stop Snoring

Doe your spouse sleep with a mask over their eyes with a pillow around their ears because of your snoring? Here's a way to help her out. Grab a T-shirt with a pocket along with a 6-ounce can of beer.

Put the can in the shirt pocket and fasten it in with a safety pin. When you go to bed, put the shirt on backward. The can will stop you from rolling over onto your back. Okay, you can use any can but I'm looking for other uses for beer here.

Passing A Kidney Stone

Did you know that beer is a diuretic? (I know...that's a big word for me). It can help flush your kidneys and bladder and help pass a kidney stone or stop a bladder infection. You can also drink water or cranberry juice, but beer can also work.

Here's an added bonus: If you try it with alcohol, it'll help take the edge off of the pain and help to pass the stone quicker and easier.

Best Thing To Do With Your Beer

Those are a couple of examples of what you can do with beer, but if you ask me, the best thing to do with it.is.to share a cold one with your friends...especially at Binghamton On Tap at the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena on Saturday, March 25th

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