Living in Brackney and commuting to downtown Binghamton has its perks, especially for those who love lazy drives down backwoods dirt roads, and stumbling on hidden treasures. As a resident who enjoys the thrill of uncovering tucked-away locations, I stumbled on a picturesque barn that piqued my curiosity – "The Barn."

Nestled on a serene landscape of 30 acres in Brackney, PA, "The Barn" stands with rustic elegance amid open fields, lush forests, and secluded walking paths. The property is home to a mountain spring-fed pond and a babbling stream, creating a tranquil oasis for those seeking a peaceful retreat. Upon further investigation, I discovered that this beautiful barn, the former home of Sea Hog Soaps & Art Mercantile has since moved to Bingahtmon, is more than just a picturesque landmark – it is a stunning Airbnb rental.

The interior of "The Barn" exudes a timeless charm with its Restoration Hardware style and abundant original woodwork. This inviting space accommodates lodging for up to 15 guests, offering a blend of modern amenities and rustic details. With four bedrooms, two lofts, an open-concept kitchen, 2.5 baths, large screen TVs, Wi-Fi, central air, and heat, every comfort is thoughtfully provided. Additionally, guests will find ample parking, kayaks, a water trampoline, and more for outdoor enjoyment.

Recently, the owners unveiled a fantastic addition – a 2,500-square-foot stone patio off the back of the barn, enhancing the outdoor experience for guests. Located within an hour’s drive of Greek Peak Ski Resort and Elk Mountain Ski Resort in Uniondale, PA, "The Barn" offers easy access to winter adventures. Its proximity to Ithaca, less than 50 minutes away, opens up a world of exploration.

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Nature enthusiasts will love the abundance of walking trails and camping spots dotting the property, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the great outdoors. The pond, teeming with trout, provides a serene setting for fishing enthusiasts, And nature lovers, "The Barn" is just a 15-minute drive from Salt Springs State Park.

"The Barn" is an idyllic Airbnb rental that's perfect for various occasions, from intimate weddings to family reunions or shared vacation experiences. With its enchanting surroundings and well-appointed amenities, this Airbnb rental is perfect for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty while staying close to shopping and restaurants.

Get Lost Inside This Rural and Rustic Airbnb Barn

Located just minutes from the Greater Binghamton area, "The Barn" is an idyllic Airbnb rental perfect for various occasions, from intimate weddings to memorable family reunions or shared vacation experiences. 

Gallery Credit: Traci Taylor

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