This is a topic that's been debated in the car world lately and it's probably nothing you ever would have thought of. I know I hadn't before but it has to do with aftermarket steering wheel decals.

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You would think that these little decals would be harmless but they aren't  The purpose of the steering wheel is to give the driver a secure grip while they are driving. When you add a decal, you're messing up how the steering wheel is supposed  to work.

In other words, that decal could compromise your grip and make it harder for you to control your vehicle, especially in emergency situations. That's a no-win in many ways.

So ask yourself: Is it really worth the risk? I don't think it is because if something goes wrong while you're driving, the last thing you want is have a decal be the reason for the accident.

Here is something that you may not have thought of before. By adding a decal to your steering wheel, it could potentially void your car's warranty. So you may want to think twice before adding a decal.

Besides, does a steering wheel decal add that much to your car's overall appearance? I've seen some that look tacky and cheap. Instead, think about other ways to add some personality to your car like custom floor mats, seat covers, or even a bumper sticker.

Finally, there is the monetary aspect of it. A steering wheel decal might not seem like a big expense, but why spend money on something that could end up harming you and your car?

As I've told my daughters several times,  "Safety first, style second!"

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