For the most part, the 2022-2023 Syracuse men's basketball team was a disappointment. They got off to a slow start and struggled to the finish line, missed the madness of March for the second straight year and Coach Jim Boeheim retired at the end of the year.

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One of the highlights for the Orange was Adam Weitsman and the celebrity guests that he would bring courtside at the JMA Wireless (formerly the Carrier) Dome. They included Jalen Hurts, Damar Hamlin and four Make-A-Wish Kids to the final two games.

Adam Weitsman Won't Support Syracuse University Sports With Celebrity Appearances

However, it looks like this may all have come to an end. On Tuesday, April 12th, Adam Weitsman let know that he will no longer bring celebrities to any Syracuse basketball games...or any other games for that matter.

Weitsman also announced that he won't be providing any name, image and likeness (NIL) deals for SU sports. According to the report, Weitsman cites Syracuse University chancellor Kent Syverud as the reason for walking away.

Why Weitsman Won't Support Syracuse University Athletics Anymore

Apparently, Syverud wasn't comfortable with the high-profile celebrities coming to the games and didn't like his NIL discussions with the media. Yeah, who doesn't want well-known celebrities helping to get the university some national attention while the team struggles to win games. No one wants that.

As far as the NIL's go, Weitsman said that he would honor all of the current NIL deals but no more new ones will be made.

Was Coach Boeheim's Retirement To Blame?

He was also asked if Coach Boeheim's retirement had anything to do with this. Weitsman responded by saying that he his good friends with Coach Boeheim along with coaches' Autry, McNamara and Griffin.

Don't forget that Coach Boeheim is coming to Binghamton later this month. You could meet him and You'll have a chance to hear what he has to say about all of this. What's next for Syracuse athletics without the help of Adam Weitsman? Time will tell but I would rather that we didn't have to ask ourselves that question.

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