If you follow college sports at all, you have probably heard about NIL. It's stands for name, image and likeness. There has been talk for years on whether or not a college athlete should be paid or compensated while at their respective university.

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It all changed in July 1, 2021 when college athletes could profit from their name, image and likeness. Some splashy deals have made big headlines but most of the college athletes bring in around $50 per NIL transaction.

Adam Weitsman Joining the NILSpace

Now local businessman and Syracuse University's most famous booster is getting involved with NIL too. According to Syracuse.com, Adam Weitsman will be offering $1 million per year to one five-star football player and one five-star basketball player to come and represent one of his companies.

Weitsman wants an athlete that has big-time name recognition and who is a role model. They'll get a $1 million per year even if they don't play sports at Cuse. Per NCAA rules, potential sponsors cannot pay athletes in exchange for them playing at a specific college.

He's hoping that once they come to Upstate New York, that they'll want to call Syracuse their home. Weitsman told Syracuse.com:

“I can’t have that discussion with players to come to Syracuse. I mean, they know I’m a Syracuse fan, that Syracuse has a lot to offer. They’ll be working here for my company. They’ll be spokespeople, so that’s going to be part of it. They’ll have to come up here. What they do from there is going to be their choice.”

Weitsman also said he was initially hesitant to get involved in the NIL world at first because of the rules were vague and wanting to stay within the NIL guide rails. He's a wise man and talked to people he trusts to get the answers he needed.

Weitsman says that he will absolutely stay within the rules and keep away from the gray areas. The last thing that he said he wants to do is ruin the Orange's reputation...or his own rep for that matter.

He even says that if he goes to the bathroom at the university and there is a player within 50 feet from him, he'll contact the school so they could document it. Weitsman is no stranger to having star athletes around including Tom Brady at a Syracuse game.

I can't wait to see what five-star athletes that Weitsman can bring to Upstate New York.

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