If you like the music of Pink Floyd, you're going to love this. Dark Sarcasm, a tribute to Pink Floyd is coming to the Foothills Performing Arts Center on April 13th, 2024.

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Pink Floyd is one of those seminal bands that is revered and beloved. How many of us listened to them with a pair of headphones in a basement growing up or cued up Dark Side of the Moon to the Wizard of Oz?

Dark Sarcasm via Facebook
Dark Sarcasm via Facebook

Dark Sarcasm does Floyd right and faithfully. Hailing from the capital region, their website states "Dark Sarcasm is a Pink Floyd tribute band based in the Albany, NY area. They focus on providing an authentic Pink Floyd experience, playing songs from a variety of albums, such as The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Wall, and more. Dark Sarcasm performs in a variety of venues, including concert halls, theaters, outdoor concerts, fairs and festivals".

The band consists of Chris Plyem on lead vocals, Rachel Plyem on vocals and acoustic guitar, Bob Bovina on lead guitar, Nicole Nawrot on vocals, Michael Youngs on rhythm guitar, Rodney Helsens on keyboards, Dan DeFilipps on drums and Larry Acunto on bass. Nawrot was last seen on stage at the Foothills playing Dr. Frank-n-Furter in the venue's Rocky Horror Picture Show production last October.

The band has a number of videos posted on their pages, and in my humble opinion they absolutely nail the sound of Pink Floyd. While the music may seem simple on the surface, most Floyd songs are very deep, complex compositions.

The show starts at 7:30pm. Tickets can be purchased here.

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