The Schenevus Fireman's Carnival which is a community favorite event each year was a bit more exciting than usual this year. Last Friday, July 15th, people attending the carnival reported to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation that a wayward coyote pup was nestled in the grass near a fireworks tent. That's certainly a less than ideal location for a wild baby to hang out!

Environmental Conservation Officer Burgess was sent to the scene to safely capture the coyote pup with ready help from members of the Schenevus Fire Department and the pup was relocated to a safe, wild location according to the DEC. Fortunately, "the wild" can be accessed quickly, just outside of the Village of Schenevus.

A few videos were taken of the release of the adorable little pup back into the wild. These videos are guaranteed to make you say "Awwwww!" when you view them.

Coyote pup released from his box

Coyote pup reviews his new surroundings

We sure are rooting for this little guy to safely grow into full adulthood!

Here are some interesting facts from the DEC about coyotes.

- Coyotes are not only nocturnal, they can be active during the day as well
- They are omnivores and opportunists as they seek food
- They don't migrate and are territorial
- They are monogamous throughout their life
- Pups grow up fast and are weaned as early as 5 to 7 weeks of age
- You need not fear coyotes. Since they are shy, they rarely come near people however, keep your little dogs and cats near since coyotes would consider them prey

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