For the second straight week, Wednesday was far and away the most-watched show on Netflix. In fact, it was nearly watched for ten times the number of hours as the second-most-watched show on the streaming service, 1899. And if you add up the total number of hours viewed of the nine other shows in the Netflix top ten most-watched series last week, their total — 191 million hours viewed — is less than half the amount of Wednesday that was watched — 411 million hours.

That’s also more time viewed than in Wednesday’s first week on the service. (Last week, Wednesday was first on the most-watched English-language shows chart with 341 million hours viewed.) And with those 411 million hours viewed, Wednesday is already amongst the most-watched English language shows in the history of Netflix. Here’s the full list to date:

Netflix’s Most Popular English-Language TV Shows Ever

These are the most popular TV shows ever on Netflix (in English), based on hours viewed in their first 28 days on streaming.

Technically, the service measures all-time popularity based on how many millions of hours a show is viewed during its first month on Netflix. And by that measure, Wednesday is the third biggest show (in English) ever. It currently sits behind only the fourth season of Stranger Things and DAHMER: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story — but Wednesday still has two more weeks to rack up hours. At the pace it’s currently on, it could very well become the biggest Netflix show ever. (Wednesday already knocked Ozark: Season 4 out of the all-time Netflix top ten shows.)

It’s worth mentioning that Netflix ranks shows in languages other than English on a second list. Two series on that list currently have more hours viewed than WednesdaySquid Game (with 1.65 billion hours viewed, making it Netflix’s single biggest show ever) and Money Heist: Part 5 (with 792 million hours viewed).

Wednesday, directed in part by Tim Burton, stars Jenna Ortega as the Addams Family’s extremely goth daughter. In this new version of the franchise, Wednesday heads off to a private school, where she gets wrapped up in a mystery and also has to deal with strange new psychic powers. The full first season of Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix.

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