The increase in violence against police officers across the country is getting to a point of critical mass. Police Officers have been gunned down in New York City, Syracuse and  Chicago in the last month. Two officers were killed in the Syracuse area in a devastating ambush attack. It's at a point now where the sheriffs of New York State are sick and tired of it.

The New York State Sheriff's Association made a joint announcement Tuesday calling an end to the open season on police officers in the state and they're calling on New York State legislators to do it. Sheriff Craig DuMond is the head of the Delaware County Sheriff's Office. He is also the President of the New York State Sheriff's Association. DuMond urged state lawmakers to step up and make the change. He says, "Our families beg this of you. Our communities across this state deserve nothing less."

Both Syracuse Police Officer Michael Jensen and Onondaga County Sheriff's Lieutenant Michael Hoosock were gunned down by 33-Year-Old Christopher R. Murray of Salina after they were looking into the report of a stolen vehicle. Those officers were laid to rest at the start of this week. At the end of March, NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller was shot and killed during a traffic stop by an illegal migrant who was loose in New York City. A Genesee County Sheriff's Sergeant Thomas Sanfratello also had his life cut short in the line of duty. It was just days ago that a Chicago Police Officer was shot and killed while in uniform on his way home AFTER his shift was over. This has to stop.

Photo Courtesy of The Oneida County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
Photo Courtesy of The Oneida County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

Sheriff DuMond was joined by a number of his colleagues at Tuesday's press conference including Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol and Sheriffs from Albany, Warren, Columbia, Greene, Fulton and Cortland Counties. While the sheriffs are calling on New York State legislators to take action in their state the call should be expanded to the whole country.

It's not just officers who have been killed that the sheriffs are concerned about. An Albany Police officer was ambushed and shot while approaching a pulled over vehicle. He was shot in the leg and treated at Albany Medical Center. A Chemung County Sheriff's Investigator Mike Theetge is still in the hospital with a fractured skull and brain bleed after he responded to a retail theft complaint.

There are very specific laws state sheriffs want passed by the legislature. One of the things DuMond demanded is a mandatory life without parole sentence for individuals convicted of intentionally killing a police officer. State Senator Joe Griffo told WIBX Tuesday that he wants to see the death penalty reinstated for those who kill police officers. DuMond wants judges to have more control on what happens to people charged with crimes.

To restore balance to our approach to criminal justice, start by creating a dangerousness standard that allows Judges to determine whether a defendant is qualified for bail or not. Allow our Judges to be Judges.

The Sheriff also demanded that "Raise the Age" legislation be revisited and with all the focus they've had on gun control and laws regulating law abiding gun owners DuMond supports an Assembly measure that would make all gun crimes qualifying offenses for denying release.

Photo Courtesy of The Oneida County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
Photo Courtesy of The Oneida County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

The Legislature is on recess now after passing a late budget, but they will return on May 6th for post-budget sessions. Sheriff DuMond and his colleagues want action taken immediately to protect them and the members of their agencies.

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