If you were looking far and wide across America for the best cheeseburger, you would find it here in New York State.

Food bloggers at Love Food decided to go on a quest. That quest, find the best Cheeseburger in each state across the nation:

With just three major components – a beef patty, burger bun, and cheese slice – cheeseburgers are pretty simple. But there are many ways that restaurants can pep things up, from using pepper jack or Swiss cheese to opting for a mouthwatering brioche or potato roll. Here we take a look at the cheesiest, most flavorful creations in America. Read on to find the best cheeseburger in every state."

Who did they pick for New York State?

New York State's Best Cheeseburger Is...

Kings of Kobe
Kings of Kobe

New York State's best cheeseburger is served at Kings of Kobe in New York City. The specific cheeseburger highlighted is the Kings Standard:

It’s a single or double 8oz (226g) American Wagyu beef patty topped with marinated, roasted tomatoes, white Cheddar, pickles, and cherry pepper mayo. American Wagyu beef has the signature buttery, fat marbling of Japanese Wagyu, but is bred in the States."

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Does New York Even Like Cheeseburgers?

American's eat around 20 billion burgers a year. However, New York State isn't really adding to that number a ton believe it or not.

According to Pantry and Larder, New York is one of the places you’re least likely to be having a burger. How did they come up with this assumption? Science. They used a combination of burger restaurant data, burger search demand data, and burger consumption statistics. Through this, they were able to map out America’s biggest burger-loving states. New York came in at number 50, almost dead last. You can read more on that data here.

8 New York Restaurants Make List Of Food Networks Best Burgers In The Country

In a recent list of the "100 Best Burgers In America" from Food Network, New York made the list 8 times. The list from Food Network highlights over 105 restaurants from across America where you can find the best burgers. To have 8 slots is pretty cool.

Here's a look at those 8:

Top 10 Best Burger Finalist In New York State

Every year the New York Beef Council holds a competition to find the best burger in the state and this week they released their Top 10 finalists for 2022. 

Get Loded at New Retro Burger Joint in Syracuse

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