Talk about the perfect designated driver. When you've had too many to get behind the wheel, who better to drive you home than someone who actually drives for a living? It happened before the big race at Watkins Glen.

Denny Hamlin was in New York for NASCAR weekend at The Glen. So was Kyle Jordan, who had a little too much to drink. Thankfully, Hamlin offered to give him a safe ride home.

A shout-out to Denny Hamlin for giving a drunk guy a ride last night at Watkins Glen International. It was much appreciated," Kyle tweeted along with a picture of the two.

Kyle was so appreciative of the drive and the picture, he left his beer behind. "I have your backpack full of beer in the back of my truck. DM me and I’ll get it to you," Hamlin tweeted to Kyle. No word on if the backpack or the beer made it back to Kyle or not.

Word of the kind gesture made it to social media and it had several NASCAR fans rethinking how they felt about Hamlin.

Jill Ford: Not going to lie Denny never been a fan...that's changing...greatest thing ever.

Phishead9: Wow a single tweet like this just changed my mind about you.

Buddy:- This is good-guy stuff and has completely turned around my perception of Denny for the better.

Jordan wasn't the only Kyle to experience a winning weekend. Kyle Larson took the checkered flag at The Glen.

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