Apparently having access to thousands of songs on your phone isn't enough for some people.

Some Spotify users are tattooing scannable codes on their arms that can be used to instantly listen to their favorite songs using the camera on their phones.

A recent report cautions the tattoos come with some risks to those wanting to be inked with their favorite tune.

How Spotify Tattoos Work

A Spotify tattoo typically consists of the circular Spotify logo along with a series of lines that look like a sound wave. This is a unique code that is assigned to each piece of audio on the streaming service.

The code can be scanned with a phone camera through the app to take users straight to their favorite song.

"Most people get their child's name (or date of birth). Me? I get a Spotify code of a song for his birthdate," TikTok user @coley3192 said when sharing a video of her tattoo, which immediately starts playing Earth, Wind & Fire's "September" when scanned.

While permanently adding a Spotify code to your body might seem like a sweet gesture or the ideal memento of your top band, there are some series risks to consider.

Spotify Tattoo Risks You Should Know

A recent CNN report cautioned those wanting Spotify tattoos to consider if their code will still be viable in the future.

"I"m not sure if these will be scannable 10 to 20 years from now," Colorado-based tattoo artist John Lapides told CNN. "People lose weight, gain weight or get pregnant."

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In his shop, Lapides first prints the Spotify codes out as stencils as he does with any other tattoo design. This helps make sure the line thickness is precise to create a better scanning experience.

Sure, you could always have your Spotify tattoo removed if it doesn't, but that likely won't be a fun day in the chair.

Lapides, who has only done the design on forearms, says there should be serious consideration on where the tattoo is placed.

"I'm sure if it's done in some way rolling off the side of your arm, it will be harder to scan," he told CNN.

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