A police officer who recently entered a California 7-11 store to grab some snacks found himself in the middle of a robbery.

How The Robbery Went Down

Security cam footage shared by the West Covina Police Department shows a man approach the store's counter just before 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 17. While the cashier is grabbing cigarettes, the customer brandishes a gun.

The video shows the cashier putting handfuls of money into a bag as the gun-wielding robber waits on the other side of the counter.

Unfortunately for the suspect, Sergeant Abel Hernandez had just pulled up to the exact same 7-11 location to get some refreshments. Hernandez is seen in the video walking past the man.

"The suspect begins to walk toward the exit, and as he does, the employee alerts Sergeant Hernandez of the robbery," the police department said.

Chasing The Suspect

Hernandez started chasing after the suspect who was trying to exit the store. According to the West Covina Police Department, the officer found a loaded handgun and approximately $400.

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Ramon Gonzalez, 48, was arrested and charged with robbery, felony possession of a firearm and carrying a concealed weapon.

West Covina is approximately 20 miles east of Los Angeles.

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