The prospect of a meme wave predicted by Steve Lukather loomed closer after the Toto guitarist's son, Trev, married Madison Cain, daughter of Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain.

The couple — 35-year-old Lukather and 29-year-old Cain, both of whom are also musicians — tied the knot in Los Angeles last weekend. Prior to the wedding, the elder Lukather joked that sarcastic comments about the newlyweds having children were inevitable.

"You can imagine all these hipster critics … they'd lose their mind. 'You mean there's gonna be a Toto-Journey baby? No!'" Lukather told the Behind the Vinyl podcast in 2020, when the engagement was announced. "I can just see [Rolling Stone co-founder] Jann Wenner's head … explode and take a fucking box cutter and cut his throat, you know what I mean? So for that, I laugh."

Lukather added, "I mean, Jonathan was laughing. We've both been mistreated by the press since day one … and now the combination of the two has gotta be, like, 'No – what if it's a musician?'"

The guitarist said he issued a warning to Cain after their children announced their engagement. "'Get ready to be a meme,' that's all I said," Lukather continued. "It's a good thing I have a sense of humor about it because when this gets out, the amount of shit that people are gonna give us is hilarious. You've gotta have a sense of humor, dude."

More seriously, Lukather described his new daughter-in-law as "a wonderful girl" and said he and her father were close. "I'm a huge fan of Journey," he enthused. "Those guys are my friends … and I respect the fuck out of them. But there's an irony to this that you just can't deny."

People exclusively covered the ceremony, which was held at the Houdini Mansion in Laurel Canyon. "As a father you have hopes and dreams for your kids," Lukather told the magazine. "The top of that list is hoping your son or daughter finds the perfect partner to share life with. … This is a very exciting day for both sides of our now extended family."

Cain added, "In a world where it seems young couples hesitate to make a commitment to each other, I am pleased as a father [that] my daughter Madison and Trev have decided to share vows and secure a covenant of love to each other in marriage. May their example lead others the same way."

Although the newlyweds shared mutual friends, they met via social media, when Cain connected with Lukather and invited him to a Journey show. Despite a wide catalog of family songs to choose from, their first dance was to Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes."

Journey and Toto recently announced a joint 2023 tour.

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