Tool drummer Danny Carey won’t face assault charges following his arrest more than a year ago.

He was accused of assault in Kansas City in December 2021 after police responded to a report of a “disturbance between two males in an airport terminal.” News outlets at the time said Carey was arrested for misdemeanor assault after having allegedly prodded another man’s chest with his fingers and called him a “fucking f-----” several times.

A video clip showed him being taken away by cops, demanding, “You’re really arresting me for assault? Who did I assault? I just want to get the fuck out of here.” The other man, reported to be airport security staff, was not arrested.

In an update, Fox4KC has noted that prosecutors decided not to pursue the charges and that the case was now a “closed confidential matter.”

Last year Carey discussed the 13-year gap between the release of Tool’s 10,000 Days in 2006 and Fear Inoculum in 2019, telling fans they wouldn’t have to wait so long for a follow-up. “It was frustrating not having new material to play, but that time really flew by quickly,” he told Cleveland Scene. “I guess that’s just the nature of life. It’s like when you have kids, and they’re grown up, and you go, ‘What happened?’ It took a long time, but we did a lot of touring and tried to grow in different ways and take a break from each other to keep things fresh.”

He added, “I’m sure it won’t take us this long for the next one. We even had some stuff left over from the last one that we’ll develop. We have head starts on three or four new songs.”

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