Styx guitarist Tommy Shaw has explained how he was able to let go of lingering resentment towards the band’s previous singer, Dennis DeYoung.

The frontman’s penchant for bombastic, rock opera-style tunes clashed with his bandmates, and contributed to Styx’s hiatus from 1984 to 1990. The group reformed, but DeYoung, who had a reputation for being creatively controlling, continued to bristle with the other musicians. In 1999, the singer was dismissed from the band. Shaw has assumed some of the vocal duties ever since.

The split from DeYoung was contentious, though in recent years the singer has expressed interest in performing with the band once more. Styx has not reciprocated the feeling, but in a conversation with, Shaw revealed that he’s been able to let go of lingering animosity towards DeYoung as part of a broader effort to improve his own mental health.

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“So, I used to have a lot of things bugging me,” the rocker explained. “After a while, I was like, ‘Why are all these people in my head?’ I’m carrying them around, talking to them – and I finally decided, ‘Okay, everybody who’s up there gather around! I’m letting you all go! I hate to tell you, but you’re all released and I’m afraid we’re not ever gonna talk to each other again. And I wish you the best.’ I meant it, and I mean it. By doing that, all [the noise] went away.”

“Most people have a ‘resentment list’ they’re walking around with,” Shaw continued. “And I just put mine down, one by one.”

Tommy Shaw Has 'No Hard Feelings' Towards Dennis DeYoung

Part of Shaw’s list was the baggage he still held regarding DeYoung. With that weight removed, the guitarist feels more at peace with Styx’s past.

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“I felt lighter. And it’s never bugged me again,” he noted. “We’re playing [DeYoung’s] songs. We’re gonna play ‘The Best of Times,’ I played the solo on that, sang, played Vocoder and it’s a brilliant song that he wrote. We’re proud to play it. We give him credit for that, you know? Bravo! I’m honored to play it. The fans are gonna love it.”

In closing, Shaw declared that he has “no hard feelings” towards DeYoung.

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