Pamela Anderson said she didn't watch the 2022 Pam & Tommy miniseries and added that she didn't even know about it until it was advertised for broadcast.

She discussed the situation on a recent episode of The Howard Stern Show after host Stern observed that the infamous sex tape that featured her and Tommy Lee was great for the Motley Crue drummer’s career but “really did undermine” Anderson’s.

“It wasn’t a positive thing,” she said. “it definitely took its toll on the relationship and took its toll on my career, and people are still capitalizing on that. ... That was the shocking part – I remember seeing this Pam & Tommy thing … some advertisement for it, and I thought, ‘What the hell is this?’ No one called me. No one asked me. Nothing to do with me.”

You can watch her discuss the series below.

Stern asked Anderson if she tried to make contact with the show’s producers, and she said she hadn’t. “I just felt kinda run over with that one,” Anderson noted, adding that she probably wouldn’t have gotten involved if the offer was made. “Why bring it up again? ... “I don’t think they really portrayed Tommy or I positively. I don’t know; I only heard that it was a very shallow representation of us. … I wish they would have called.”

Anderson also explained that she and Lee have a limited-contact relationship, although their two sons always see him. “[We] text here and there; nothing too crazy,” she said. “I mean, he’s married and happy, and she’s good to him, and I totally support that and think that’s great. … I respect his relationship, and [I’m] just glad he’s happy.”

You can watch more of the interview below.

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