John Mayer recently discussed the future of Dead & Company, namely whether or not fans can expect any more live shows. Earlier this year, the band completed what was billed as their final tour together, after eight years of performing.

"Well, it looks like that's it for this outfit, but don't worry, we will all be out there in one form or another until we drop," guitarist Bob Weir said on social media at the time of the tour's announcement, prompting some questions about how "final" the trek would be.

Mayer recently spoke with Andy Cohen, noting that the members of Dead & Company plan to keep playing together but are unsure of their next steps.

John Mayer's Comments About Dead & Company

"We will play shows — I have to believe that we love this music so much we're gonna play shows — we just are trying to figure out what that looks like for the future," he said.

"Everyone has it in their hearts to keep playing."

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One Dead & Company drummer, Bill Kreutzmann, did not participate in the 2023 tour because of health issues; the other, Mickey Hart, has expressed a similar view on the band's future.

"We never said we'll never play again, but we'll never tour again," he told ABC Audio.

The band's manager, Irving Azoff, is also aware that even though Dead & Company won't be hitting the road like they used to, that doesn't mean things are over for good.

"These guys love each other and the music stands for itself," he said to Pollstar in July. "The touring parts are over, but there are still special events I'm sure will get offered to them, and you never say never."

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