Jethro Tull's initial live recording, 1978's Bursting Out, has been remixed by Steven Wilson for an expanded 3CD/3DVD reissue subtitled The Inflated Edition.

Available on June 21, the box includes lots of cool extras in addition to the originally recorded songs from May and June 1978 concerts in Europe during Tull's tour behind Heavy Horses. Bursting Out: The Inflated Edition is available for preorder now.

"A live extravaganza from the '70s Jethro Tull, this was recorded over several nights in different venues on a portable 8-track tape recorder and transferred to 2-inch multitrack when I got home after the tours," Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson said in an official statement. "I had to listen all through to many shows and pick the best live versions. But much of it was, at least, from the concert in Bern, Switzerland, where dear Claude Nobs came to introduce the band in his inimitable style."

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The complete track listing is below. Among the highlights on The Inflated Edition is the entire 93-minute show from Madison Square Garden, including more than 50 minutes of video which was part of a transatlantic broadcast by the BBC and Radio 1.

"A scary experience for the band as it was, we were told, the first time a live rock concert had been the subject of a live satellite broadcast," Anderson added. "The band lineup at this time was a fine-tuned machine and, although missing the unwell John Glascock for the MSG show, it serves as a fine testimony for the many wonderful shows we did in the '70s before general touring fatigue and burn-out began a year or so later. Enjoy vintage Tull at its '70s best."

Bursting Out has been previously reissued on compact disc, but the 1990 U.S. version omitted "Quatrain," "Sweet Dream" and "Conundrum" in order to fit the format's strict 80-minute limitations.


Jethro Tull's 'Bursting Out: The Inflated Edition' Track Listing
1. Introduction by Claude Nobs [2024 Remaster]
2. "No Lullaby" [2024 Remaster]
3. "Sweet Dream" [2024 Remaster]
4. "Skating Away (On the Thin Ice of the New Day)" [2024 Remaster]
5. "Jack-in-the-Green" [2024 Remaster]
6. "One Brown Mouse" [2024 Remaster]
7. "Heavy Horses" [2024 Remaster]
8. "A New Day Yesterday" [2024 Remaster]
9. "Medley: Flute Solo Improvisation / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Bouree" [2024 Remaster]
10. "Living in the Past"
11. "Songs from the Wood" [2024 Remaster]
12. "No Lullaby"*
13. "Sweet Dream"
14. "Heavy Horses"
15. "Botanic Man"
16. "4.W.D (Low Ratio)"*

1. "Thick as a Brick" [2024 Remaster]
2. "Hunting Girl" [2024 Remaster]
3. "Too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young to Die!" [2024 Remaster]
4. "Conundrum" [2024 Remaster]
5. "Minstrel in the Gallery" [2024 Remaster]
6. "Cross-Eyed Mary" [2024 Remaster]
7. "Quatrain" [2024 Remaster]
8. "Aqualung" [2024 Remaster]
9. "Locomotive Breath" [2024 Remaster]
10. "The Dambusters March" [2024 Remaster]
11. "Conundrum"*
12. "Quatrain"
13. "The Dambusters March"*

(Live at Madison Square Garden October 1978)
1. "Sweet Dream Fanfare"
2. "Sweet Dream"
3. "One Brown Mouse"
4. "Heavy Horses"
5. "Thick as a Brick"
6. "No Lullaby"
7. Flute Solo Improvisation
8. "Songs From the Wood"
9. "Quatrain"
10. "Aqualung"
11. "Locomotive Breath"
12. "The Dambusters March"
13. "A Single Man"
14. "Too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Old to Die!"
15. "My God"
16. "Cross-Eyed Mary"

DVD 1 and 2: 96/24 Stereo; DD and DTS 5.1 Surround mixes; and Flat Transfer
DVD 3: Music videos from Madison Square Garden, October 1978

*-Previously unreleased

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