Jeremy Allen White will star as Bruce Springsteen in the upcoming film Deliver Me From Nowhere, which promises to chronicle the making of the Boss' stark 1982 album Nebraska.

According to Deadline, 20th Century has officially closed a deal to finance and release the movie, which will be written and directed by Scott Cooper. Shooting will begin this fall.

Plans for Deliver Me From Nowhere began when producer Eric Robinson heard Springsteen's manager Jon Landau praising the recently released book of the same name by Warren Zanes on a podcast with Marc Maron. Robinson then teamed up with Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, and the pair recruited Cooper to adapt the book into a film.

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"I think Nebraska has been a thing of collective fascination for a long time, and a book-length exploration of its making had a ready audience," Zanes said in a 2023 interview with Rock and Roll Globe. "I give the recording credit for the success of the book. Bruce released something that was unfinished, imperfect, a recording that couldn't be cleaned up to meet commercial standards – but he felt in his gut it was exactly right for the songs. He made a decision based solely on the art, and we don't see a lot of this, for good reason. But a lot of people found it inspiring, myself included. When shit goes down in my life, I reach for Nebraska. And I'm one of many. In writing the book, I kind of wanted to know why. And there are others who seem to feel the same way."

Deadline reports that both Landau and Springsteen himself are actively involved in the film's production.

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