Things got a little off track during Bryan Adams’ recent performance in Salt Lake City, when a fan jumped on stage and grabbed the microphone during Adams’ rendition of “Summer of ‘69.”

The Canadian rocker had just begun the song’s familiar opening riffs when a young man in a white shirt and ripped jeans climbed out of the crowd. Adams moved away as the fan proceeded to walk up to the mic and belt out a few lyrics from the first verse. Security soon arrived and forcibly removed the man from the stage. Impressively, Adams didn’t miss a beat, picking right up where the man left off and rocking through the rest of the 1985 hit.

Video of the incident (which you can watch below) has since gone viral on social media, with many people praising Adams for the way he handled the unwanted guest. On his own social pages, Adams has kept his comments brief and lighthearted. “Stage crashing NOT recommended” he wrote on Twitter, while adding “Sometimes you just gotta laugh…” via Instagram.

Adams’ incident comes at a time where the line between performers and fans seems more blurred than ever. Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Bebe Rexha and Lil Nas X are among the many artists who have had to stop recent concerts because fans have thrown things at them from the crowd. The objects have ranged from a phone, to a sex toy and bracelets. In perhaps the most bizarre occurrence, a fan threw their mother’s ashes at Pink during her show at BST Hyde Park in London.

@.aliciajo Some guy jumped on stage at @Bryan Adams concert last night in SLC and was dragged off by security. Bryan’s reaction was incredible. #bryanadams #bryanadamsconcert #concert #music #livemusic #concerttime #80srock #bryanadamssumemerof69 #summerof69 #concertcrasher #slc #bryanadamssaltlake ♬ original sound - Alicia

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