Now is the time to plan ahead for the 2024 school year and the spring semester and some students in New York State are about to get their tuition paid for them. Applications are being accepted for those who qualify for FREE tuition to SUNY and CUNY schools.

The cost of everything is getting higher and higher and, in some cases, out of hand. But for some families, it is incredibly difficult to make ends meet and New York State wants to give these families a chance at a higher education.

Excelsior Scholarship applications are now open for new applicants ahead of the Spring 2024 semester. The scholarship allows students to attend a SUNY or CUNY school for two years or four years, tuition free.

WKTV reports that:

"Students from households with federal adjusted gross incomes up to $125,000 are eligible for a Spring Excelsior Scholarship award," according to a statement from Governor Kathy Hochul's office,

This is happening the same week that some New York State employees will be getting a good boost in their paycheck as some back pay is coming to those who worked overtime in the COVID pandemic for New York State.

Qualifying workers who don't receive funds today will get them during the December 28th pay cycle.

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