A family in Lancaster, New York is trying to break the record for the heaviest pumpkin ever recorded in the United States of America. You might be shocked to learn that the pumpkin was born on June 16 this year and is already knocking on the door of 2,500 pounds. That means the pumpkin was growing, at one point, 50 POUNDS A DAY!

The Andrusz family in Lancaster is impressive. It is all hands on deck when it comes to this pumpkin. It's not their first time trying to go after a record, but it is certainly not easy. The soil has to be just right. There is a tent to keep it out of the sun. They need to make sure no animals get in there and if another pumpkin starts to grow on the vine, they have to make sure that it gets eliminated immediately.

How do they know how much it weighs right now? 

Good question because I thought the same thing. They measure the circumference of the pumpkin and there's a chart that all of these competitive growers use to get a good gauge of how much it could weigh.

The pumpkin will be very carefully transported to The Great Pumpkin Farm on Main Street in Clarence to get weighed this weekend. Take a look at some of these pictures below!

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