During the Covid-19 crisis non-essential workers were ordered to stay home. People who could work from home were asked to do so.

Here at the radio station there's a weird feeling during the work day. The DJs are considered essential and are still reporting to work, even though some of them are not hanging around as much as they used to after they're off the air. A lot of them can do their other duties from their houses by just taking their laptops home, and some are choosing to do that.

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But the rest of the staff here at the station are all working from home. The entire sales staff and the entire support staff are all working from home. To me it felt like every day this week has been a Saturday.

In radio, when you work on weekends, you might see a couple of other jocks while you are here, but the rest of the staff is home for the weekend. We've all been in contact with each other through emails and phone calls, but without them here, it just seems strange.

Usually on any given weekday, we will see people from other companies with offices in our building. Since I've been back from vacation, I've only seen one person go to the offices upstairs.

I'm kind of glad I'm not working from home. I don't think I would have the discipline needed to just do work. I think I would be watching TV, playing with my puppy, or taking naps all day.

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