Last year on National Donut Day, we had three different deliveries of donuts here at the studios. This year, we didn't get any. But that didn't stop us from talking about National Donut Day.

According to National Today, Dunkin is celebrating Donut Day by giving away a free donut with the purchase of a drink. Walmart is also giving away over a million free glazed donuts throughout the United States while supplies last with no purchase necessary.

National Today also conducted a few surveys about Donuts including one that asked people their attitude towards Donuts. 51% said they love them, another 40% said they liked them, and only 1% said they hate donuts. Really? With all the different types of donuts to choose from, I would think everybody would find at least one they would like.

One of the surveys asked people what their favorite type of donut was. Glazed finished first with almost twice as many first-place votes as second-placed Boston cream which was followed closely by chocolate frosted. My favorite is Apple spice. That didn't even make the top 10 unless it was lumped in with jelly filled.

To see all the donut surveys, and to see the six nuttiest donut flavors they say you must try, click here.

So even if you're on a diet, I think you should enjoy a donut today, because it's National Donut Day and it only comes once a year.

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