By now you've heard us talking about the bus trip we have coming up one week from Saturday to go see the Syracuse Orange host the Pitt Panthers in their homecoming game up at the dome in Syracuse. Tickets are just $50 and you really can't enjoy the game for less.

I've done the research. I went online to see about getting tickets for that game. The cheapest tickets I found were $31 and the most expensive tickets I found were $352. When we went to see Paul McCartney this past Saturday up at the Dome, we had to pay $20 for parking. So right there it's going to cost you $51. Not to mention with gas prices being about $2.79 a gallon how much are you going to spend in gas? Not to mention the wear and tear on your car, and if you were to stop and get a snack along the way, that will cost you even more money.

So our bus trip is an awesome deal at just $50. Plus you don't have to worry about driving up or driving back so you can enjoy a couple of adult beverages at the game. And you don't have to worry about watching your speedometer on the trip either. Sit back and leave the driving to us. Get your tickets now and get aboard the bus to go see the Syracuse game one week from Saturday October 7th. You can get more info and reserve your tickets on our website.

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