The drive-in theater. It brings back so many good memories. I think my first movie experience was at the drive-in theater, rather than a movie house.

My family would occasionally go to see a movie at the drive-in theater near where we lived. It was a bit cheaper than going to see a movie at the local movie house.

We'd all pack into the car, which was always some sort of a four door Dodge. Back in the 60s and 70s, my dad only bought Dodge cars and one of my uncles would buy the Plymouth version of that car. I never quite understood why the same car was manufactured under different names from the same car company.

Anyway, I saw a lot of Disney movies at the drive-in in my younger days, and it seems the popcorn and soda (well, we called it 'pop') tasted better at the drive-in theatre.

Now, with all the coronavirus issues, social distancing and such, how might that impact movie theaters? I certainly hope they are able to come back strong. Who doesn't love a climate controlled atmosphere and reclining theater chairs to enjoy a movie on a larger than life screen?

But, I wonder if given the possibility that social distancing continues for a long period of time, would it be a good idea for someone to build a drive-in theater somewhere around the Binghamton area? If they build it, would you come?

Unadilla and Emira both have drive-in theaters, and I assume they are surviving, so why not have one in the Binghamton area? I remember good times at the Vestal and Airport Drive-Ins back in the day. Maybe the cost of building a new drive-in in this day and age would not be a good investment before Covid-19 invaded our world, but maybe now is the time for a come back. Thoughts?

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