This has been a thought in the back of my mind for a while now. Lately, it has come to the forefront.

I'm talking about wishing someone a happy 'whatever' day on social media. I've not made it into a big deal, because everyone expresses themselves in so many different ways and on so many platforms, and that's fine.

When someone's birthday message alert pops up on my social media feed, I usually respond with something short and sweet. No big deal, unless it's someone in my immediate family. In those cases, I pick up the phone to give them a 'whatever' occasion wish via voice.

I've noticed increasingly people are sending messages of happy birthdays, Mothers Days, Valentines Days, etc, on social media to one certain person. Whether is may be Mom or Dad, a sibling, spouse or child. I'm referring messages directed to an immediate family member.

At first, I didn't think anything of it, except that it was a nice message. Now, as more and more populate social media, I'm wondering why a personal message to someone needs to be made public, when a phone call, letter, card or e-mail would work just as well or better. Why does everyone else in your friend group in on the personal message need to see it?  Shouldn't it be just that...personal?

I reiterate, it doesn't upset me, but I have seen some pushback as recently as Mother's Day. Comments asking people to make contact in ways other than social media? For example: "Pick up the phone instead," some comments read. If it's a message to someone who is no longer with us, that makes sense. If it's a friend birthday or relative, but not immediate, I think that's OK also.

I have no desire or intention to write on social media for Mother's Day, birthday, or any holiday. For a spouse or immediate family member, in person is best, unless that person is not close by or otherwise unavailable. In that case I will pick up the phone and make a call. It's a personal thing between that person and myself.

Some things I prefer to remain private, not for the social world to see. But that's just me, so carry on however you prefer to greet someone on social media during special events.

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