Maybe I just haven't noticed it as much in the past, but it seems we are seeing a lot more business closing this year than has happened in a long time in just a four month period.

I'm talking about national and local stores. We recently saw the closing of the Binghamton K-Mart, Macy's, the Family Dollar (across the street from The Whale), Radio Shack in the Northgate Plaza and Endicott Plaza (are there any left in the Binghamton area?) and it's not yet known as to whether the Gander Mountain in Johnson City will close or not..

Local businesses include Dick's Towing, Brother's II, Nadia's, Zona Grill, Kennedy Fried Chicken (which is going to re-open), even my optometrist closed his business. Did I miss any?

All this got me to thinking about some of the awesome businesses that no longer exist. These are places I enjoyed over the past four decades I've lived here. Some I remember include The Alamo, the two drive-ins, I believe we had a Dairy Queen on State Street, the O.P. in Vestal, Popeyes and the various restaurants owned by the Iacovelli family.

What businesses and restaurants do you miss most?

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