I was recently talking to someone about how important I think it is for each of us to be involved in the world around us. It’s very easy for us to get wrapped up in our day to day routines and to simply exist in a robotic, almost non-existent way rather than allowing each day to be a new adventure and opportunity to spread joy to others.

Imagine riding a roller coaster with your arms crossed, in a completely foul mood. You wouldn’t do that, right? Life is just like a roller coaster and we’re all along for the ride, so why not throw our hands up and try to make it as enjoyable as we can?

One Binghamton man has embraced the happy in life and is on a mission to spread it with everyone who crosses his path. Mohammed is a crossing guard who mans the Vestal Avenue and South Washington Street intersection in Binghamton and every day, this sweet man brightens the day of others by gives thumbs up, saluting and bowing as they pass in their car on their way to work and appointments.

Mohammed keeps a protective eye on pedestrians, but also keeps a close eye on the traffic lights so he knows which way cars will be coming. He makes sure to give every passing car a friendly “hello” and those who come upon Mohammed while walking are greeted with a smile and a handshake and sometimes even a fist bump.

Mohammed has a wonderful attitude about life and he genuinely enjoys spreading joy. Kristin Heater of Binghamton is just one of the lives touched by Mohammed. She told me, “We need more people like him, and everyone deserves to see him in action! When I drive that intersection on the weekends, I find myself looking for him, and when he's not there to greet me, I get sad.”

The next time you’re driving by the Vestal Avenue and South Washington Street intersection in Binghamton and spot Mohammed, why not show him that he’s appreciated by giving him a honk or a wave?

[via Kristin Heater]