Let's think about summer and WARM WEATHER.

The Kartrite Resort in the Catskills will be having a soft opening March 28 - April 3. It will open to the public April 4 and celebrating it's grand opening party on April 5.

According the official website:

The Brand New Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark is like nothing the New York’s Catskills has ever seen before. With the USA’s most modern, state of the art, indoor waterpark, 324 exquisitely designed suites and a fantastic brand-new luxury lodge experience set right in the mountains, the Kartrite Resort delivers an unbelievable family adventure for all ages.

There is a long waiting list to make reservations at the park, but by the looks of the attractions it looks worth it. Make your reservations here.

The Krakken

The stories of the Krakken go back in seafaring lore for centuries. A massive creature that could take you away with his mighty arms and suctions. We’ve recreated the experience for all you thrill seekers with our high speed, splash-tastic waterslide. Ride the Krakken. If you dare.

Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark


The local Dutch who originally settled in the Catskills told the story of the giant Zeeslang, or serpent, which slithered in the local mountains. When spotted, legend has it that the serpent had a certain “smile” on his lips. Well, try and smile and laugh your way down this waterslide. Double switchbacks push the limits of gravity in this classic thriller.

Kartrie Resort & Indoor Waterpark


Grand-daddy of all the thrill rides at The Kartrite, the Nor’easter will take you and 3 others on the ride of a lifetime.  Soar up the Nor’easter wall and feel just a moment of weightlessness before flying back down to earth.

Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark

Kartrite Island

With over 100 water adventures and a massive dump bucket, Kartrite Island is a spectacular wonderland of water exploration.

You can find a full overview, which looks massive and amazing. of the indoor waterpark by clicking here.