Join 991 Whale for the Insane Inflatable 5K, Saturday October 8th at a brand new location Broome-Tioga Motorsports Complex in Lisle.

Invite your friends, co workers and family members to enjoy these huge inflatables all set up in an insanely fun obstacle course.

There are plenty of wave times available, but now is the time you'll want to start planning your weekend of fun with us.

I love this event, it reminds me of those shows on TV where people are climbing on those huge structures, and this course is equally exciting and fun.

Send out an invite or office memo, and start recruiting people to enjoy the course with you.

Your registration includes the insane inflatable obstacle course, plus a custom T-shirt, custom insane medal, runners bib, and access to the insane midway!

People are still talking about last years course, the most fun you'll have in October is coming!

Log on below and sign up today, that little kid inside you can't wait to bounce, run, and jump around on these Insane Inflatables.

Bring the kids and grandkids too.

Challenge others to do the course too.

Saturday October 8th, Broome-Tioga Motorsports Complex in Lisle,come join the amazingly 'Insane Inflatable 5K' with 991 The Whale.

Check out how The Whale Staff prepares for this years event

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