September 11th, 2001, I remember the day well. There were beautiful blue skies and warm temperatures early in the morning. I remember leaving the studio of the radio station I was working at the time to go outside and smoke. As we were walking out, a co-worker mentioned that a plane hit one of the Twin Towers in New York City. I thought to myself it must be a small prop plane that probably just clipped the building or something. So I went outside to smoke.

When I came back inside, just about all the employees from the radio station were gathered around a TV set watching the live footage of the gaping hole in one of the Twin Towers. As we stood there watching, we saw another plane circle around behind the other Tower and then saw a cloud of smoke come from that tower. It was evident to me at that point that it was no accident and that it must be a terrorist attack.

I remember going on the air and trying to communicate what was happening to all our listeners. A short time later, news broke of a plane crashing into the Pentagon in Washington, and then a short time after that news broke about a plane that crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. We were all wondering how many more planes that were in the air at the time, were under the control of the terrorist.

I think I watched more news that day than I've ever watched in my life. Even when I went home I sat on the couch with CNN watching the rescue efforts as the tears ran down my face. I was sad and I was pissed off that somebody can actually do this to hurt so many innocent people. The rest of the week was filled with news updates and I remember having a hard time trying to figure out when to go back to a 'normal' morning show.

I remember being part of the supply drive over at the Townsquare Mall in Vestal. It was held to send water, hygiene products, batteries and more to our fellow New Yorkers down in the city. It was amazing how generous and caring people were after that tragic day.

Here we are 17 years later and I'm still sad and pissed off that this happened. Every time I see 911 as the time on a clock, or even an emergency vehicle, I send out a prayer to those who lost their lives that day and to the families that were forced to live without them.

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