What an unusual Winter we've had. If you're a fan of Winter, meaning you like to get out in the cold and snow, whether it be to ski, snowmobile, ice fish, skate or whatever, this was not the season for you, and I'm truly sorry.

But if you are like me, and are a Spring and Summer fan, this was certainly a bearable Winter. Not once did I pick up the snow shovel, except to place it on the back porch late last Fall, and now, when I put it back in the shed. The ice melt bucket remains full. Didn't use it this year.

Now, that we've pretty much put a cap on the Winter season, it's time to move on to Spring. And the one tell take sign of Spring, is when you see the ice cream shops opening up (is it earlier this year than in the past?) and then this past weekend, I saw it emerge. Yes, the ding-ding-ding of the neighborhood ice cream truck came around the corner. Hooray!

We have a good amount of places to get delicious ice cream. My favorite is Black Raspberry. So, where do you go for great tasting ice cream and what's your favorite flavor? Let me know, and then go get it...it's time again!