I love to golf, especially if it's at one of the nicest courses in the area, and even more so if it's free.

I have a friend named Ron who's a member at En-Joie in Endicott. He plays in a couple of leagues there during the week. Now Ron knows I live within walking distance of En-Joie, so whenever he needs a sub he calls me. The first time he asked me to sub for him in his Tuesday night league, I was his partner and we took first place. Ever since then, whenever someone in one of his leagues need to skip a night, they ask him to call me.

I’ve known Ron for years. And over the years I have met a lot of his other friends. A lot of them play in these leagues with him. I feel like I let them down at times, like last night for example, because I haven't come close to playing as well as I did the first week I subbed and Ron and I took first place. But still, it's a body and a chance for them to win points in their league so I guess I am still helping them out.

And the golf itself is free because the league has to prepay at the beginning of the season. If I walk, I don't have to pay for a cart, but I usually spring for the $8 to ride around in a cart especially in the heat we've been having lately.

In the Thursday night League they chip in $10 a man per week for skins. $10 to golf at En-Joie? I'm in every Thursday the need me. And get this, at the beginning of the year each member of the league kicks in money for pizza that is waiting for them after play is over. So not only am I getting free golf, but I also get a couple slices of pizza at the end of the night.

Yes living close to a golf course and having friends that play in leagues at that golf course definitely has its advantages. They already have me subbing in two weeks, and I was told to be next to my phone next Thursday afternoon in case they need me again.

Oh the sacrifices I make for my friends.

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