When you think of nursing homes you think of the elderly laying in bed all day or sitting in wheelchairs all day long watching TV. I don't think anyone really wants to live in a nursing home, but sometimes families have no choice but to move their family members into a facility where they could be cared for around the clock.

I found a Strange But True story this morning on Metro about a nursing home in England that has hired pole dancers to entertain their residents. This sounds like a nursing home for me. I doubt I will live long enough to be in a nursing home, but if I do, I'm moving to England. The local politicians were a little upset when they heard about the pole dancers, but according to Metro, the Operations and Quality Director for Encore Care Homes Izzy Nicholls said that 'the relatives and residents requested more modern style activities'. The article went on to say that the women wear either bathing suits or bras with underwear and they don't get naked. It's more like a dance routine that uses the pole as a prop. You can check out pictures and videos on the Metro website.

So God willing, if I live long enough that I need a nursing home, I'm going to bye an airplane ticket to Christchurch, Dorset, England, and cash in my 401k in all $1's.

[via Metro]

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