$1000 would go a long way for me. The things I would spend $1000 on would most likely be something to do with DJ or camping. I am a person who was born to be rich but never got to that point.

I tend to spend money I don't have. I think that's called obtaining credit and then paying it back a little at a time until I die. Isn't that how it works? Spending money is fun until you have to pay it back.

Yes, I should have been much wiser with my spending habits, but that's water (or cash) under the bridge now. Maybe the lottery will bail me out.

Anyway, you might be one of many fortunate souls to come into a bit of cash with the return of our 2K A Day giveaway. It begins Monday, May 15th. As we did last time, we will give you a code word around 8:10 am and 4:10 pm weekdays through June 2nd, excluding Memorial Day May 29th.

You will enter those two codewords separately in the boxes conveniently labeled each day before midnight and hopefully, your name will be chosen to score $1000. Pretty simple. Here's to you winning and think about how you would spend $1000!

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