Can you imagine this scene? You're at home relaxing, maybe sitting back in your linge chair or basement bar enjoying the tunes of Classic Rock from the Whale, or maybe it's the middle of the night and you're in bed, fast asleep, dreaming that you just won a million dollars or something like that.

All of a sudden, you hear someone banging on your front door along with muffled voices barking out something that you can't quite make heads or tails of. Then, before you get to the door to see what's going on, someone bursts through the door shining a flashlight in your face, guns drawn, and you're told to get on the floor face down with your hands and legs spread out.

You're being arrested for something, but you don't understand why because you haven't done anything illegal. Well, according to, something similar recently happened to an Ithaca man. According to the article, the Ithaca man has similar facial features as Brian Laundrie, the Florida murder/fugitive suspect. Apparently, someone called in a tip after seeing the Ithaca man at a resort in North Carolina.

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Fortunately, authorities eventually quickly realized they had the wrong man, But I can only imagine the fear he must have been going through. I know I would have been a wreck. As weird as it sounds, I have wondered about something like that happening to me.

What if there was someone who is a fugitive on the run that looks a lot like you? And at some point, someone saw you and thought you were that fugitive and reported it to the authorities? How would you react? It's a scary thought. Hopefully, we will never experience something like that.


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